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Surongo (2023) Full Movie Review [Spoiler Free]

Surongo (2023) Full Movie
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How was the Surungo movie, brother? Good? Wondering if it’s worth watching? Well, let me tell you, it’s a must-see! If you are thinking with this kind of question in mind, you should watch it. Go to the Cinema hall, and see the Surongo full movie. You will have fun.

Now, if you’re specifically looking for a detailed review, keep scrolling down as I’ll provide you with all the insights you need.

Title:Surongo (2023)
Genre:Crime, Mystery, Romance
Run Time:2 hour 30 minutes
Director:Raihan Rafi
Casts:Afran Nisho, Toma Mirza, Nusraat Faria Mazhar, Shahiduzzaman Selim
IMDB Rating:6+
Personal Rating:7.5/10

Surongo Chorki Watch Online

Surongo (2023) full movie is not available on any streaming platform. Unfortunately, the only option to see this film online is through Movie Theater. You must wait for it to be released before you can view it online.

Surongo Movie Storyline

Surongo movie story
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The plot cannot be revealed without revealing spoilers. The movie had a terrific start, with the plot’s very seeds gently sprouting and developing into branches. The beginning is generic like the first 10 romantic comedies, but the filmmaker effectively shifts the characters as the story progresses. Sometimes, Masud opened the tunnel a little too quickly; it would have looked nicer if he had taken his time there, but it was in keeping with Masud’s current mindset.

The story building takes up the whole first half of the film. Even though the movie’s plot maybe progressed a little slowly in the first half, the first act featured some funny moments and a little bit of suspense, giving the film a strong start. The story moves pretty nicely when the film does a U-turn in the second act, and the tunnel’s name appropriately describes it.

The second half of the story changes direction and builds suspense. The final 40 minutes were extremely interesting and entertaining. to learn who Kalpreet’s genuine identity is.

Without a doubt, the film’s final act contains a number of twists that give it a satisfying conclusion. The movie had a good balance of romance and suspense the entire time.

Now, let’s delve into a fascinating detail: Masud (Nisho), a skilled electrician, takes on an unexpected role as an ice-mill technician. After completing his electrical work, he resourcefully starts cutting the ground, drawing upon his expertise in tunnelling. What’s truly impressive is that, despite his profession, Masud showcases remarkable skill in illuminating the tunnel, astonishing even the police with his abilities.

Direction and Filmmaking Techniques

Regarding the creation, one word sums it up: outstanding. The movie’s scenes are all carefully shot. The site is very stunning, and the camera work is amazing… If you asked me to describe my ideal home, I would say it would be a bungalow near a lake at the bottom of a hill. Perhaps Switzerland or Ladakh would be my ideal locations for a home, but Raihan Rafi has made it seem as though it would be in Bangladesh. I initially assumed he would simply dig a hole and clap, the bully created a large tunnel. The batter’s demeanour demonstrated how stressful the entire situation was as Bhudi Wala passed the police in the tunnel while gasping for air.

Surongo Movie Place
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Surongo Movie cinematography and Direction
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Raihan Rafi’s art taste has to be appreciated.

Acting and Performances

Afran Nisho is a really good actor. He has acted according to the appeal of every moment… Acting skill is evident, not in long dialogues like Chillapalla and Jatrapala, but in silence. That is, when a person speaks or does not say anything silently, can express the intensity of the event with expressions, and can connect with the audience, it is called acting. In one scene, in intense pain, her chest bursting with muted screams and choking, she beautifully conveys it through body language… I was touched by the intensity of her pain as a viewer…

Surongo performers
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Tama Mirza performed excellently as well. Whatever your feelings toward him—anger, love, contempt, or affection—they are a result of his performance. Where did I hear that Dighi had been taken or removed? Dighi, in my opinion, could never have delivered such a strong performance…
Apart from this, all of the other characters have performed flawlessly; there is nothing to criticize.

Is Surongo Full Movie worth watching?

Surongo’s story is compelling. Suspense and thrill are accompanied by drama, comedy, and crisis. The screenplay, though, is what makes a good tale truly worthwhile. Before getting to the key aspects, the story requires a lot of setup. ‘Surongo’ accomplishes it exceptionally well. The first hour and a half of the two-and-a-half-hour film is spent simply getting to the key plot point.

Surongo Afran Nisho
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Can one consider it a masterpiece? It would be an understatement to call it a masterpiece. But altogether, I thought it was a good movie—I didn’t get bored for even a second. kept me interested the entire time.

Surongo’s Drawbacks

First of all, by no means is this a family-friendly film. Here are a few sequences that the filmmaker included to emphasize the seriousness of the situation and the characters’ reactions. A 16+ warning should have been provided because anyone under 16 with their parents is likely to feel pretty embarrassed.

Surongo Item Song
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The movie also becomes a little slower in the second half. which many people could find boring? But it feels a lot like that here too, like the quiet before the storm, followed by the trembling storm. I’m not sure if the extra runtime was done on purpose or accidentally.

In conclusion

Brother, this isn’t just a movie; in Bengali cinema, a U-turn is what this is. Such a thrilling plot, twist, BGM, screenplay, and conclusion. What else is required after seeing a movie to make you feel completely satisfied? This film showed that Bangladesh is a thriller in its own position.

Overall, I’d say it’s a thrilling movie for all the money-grabbing film lovers.

Surongo (2023) Full Movie
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